This next World Wellness Weekend, Lily Beach Resort & Spa is getting ready to host a transforming and comprehensive well-being experience that will immerse visitors in a variety of packages and programs meant to nourish the mind, body, and spirit.

The three-day event, which will take place from September 15–17, 2023, promises to be an incredible weekend filled with workshops, yoga and meditation sessions, as well as a fascinating collection of recreational games to motivate and energize attendees.

A session named "The 50 Rules for Health" given by Jelena Sokovic, the resort's skilled Wellness Practitioner, is one of the events included in World Wellness Weekend. Her broad knowledge of wellness and awareness of how to maximize health will be used to educate visitors via useful and enlightening solutions. This covers everything from diet and exercise to well-being and self-care, allowing participants to pick up priceless knowledge and practical advice to improve their general wellness.

A couple enjoy time at Lily Beach Resort and Spa. (Photo/Lily Beach Resort and Spa)

In addition to her class, Jelena will be guiding a number of yoga and meditation sessions on the grounds so that attendees can cultivate their own inner tranquillity, pursue relaxation, and learn about mindfulness. These programs are designed to accommodate practitioners of all skill levels, from absolute beginners to seasoned practitioners, and they aim to instil peace and tranquillity in each person through guided practices.

The program will also include healthy beverage and meal alternatives as well as seminars on how to create the ideal healthy juice blend, taking the holistic approach to a new level. These beverages will also be on hand at all the resort's in-house bars and restaurants, available by the bottle or as a unique cocktail/mocktail option, as a result of the resort's recent cooperation with the locally brewed Kombucha Brand - Saibrew.

Lily Beach reveal world wellness week offerings. (Photo/Lily Beach Resort and Spa)

The World Wellness Weekend offers a variety of enjoyable recreational activities throughout the program to satisfy the tastes of adrenaline seekers as well. Sports enthusiasts can challenge their boundaries with their fellow friends in competitive kayak racing or a casual game of beach volleyball. For the younger visitors, specially designed wellness games that emphasize and promote physical activity and health education in a fun and interactive way will grab their attention.

Along with these curations, members can take advantage of a variety of health-conscious amenities and September-long commemorative discounts on specific spa services and yoga classes. Additionally, as part of the celebration of the wellness event, wholesome meals will be cooked using locally sourced products and skilfully put together to offer balanced nourishment in line with the participants' well-being aims.


Lily Beach reveal world wellness week offerings. (Photo/Lily Beach Resort and Spa)