The resort has announced Danielle Stanley is the new resident marine biologist of the Outrigger Maldives Maafushivaru Resort.

In order to increase visitor connection and participation, Danielle, who joined the resort staff in March, has already made ambitious plans for upcoming activities. The resort is currently preparing for World Ocean Month, which takes place in June.

Ocean conservation is a core pillar of the brand of Outrigger Resorts & Hotels. The Outrigger Zone, the leading beach resort's global conservation project on marine and environmental protection, aligns with this and brings a variety of conservation activities. Visitors will be able to learn about conservation initiatives beyond national holidays like World Ocean Day on June 8 and World Reef Day on June 1 by participating in these activities.

Coral and marine life found in the Maldivian oceans. (Photo/Maldives Expert)

Danielle and her coworkers will offer a wide range of conservation activities in June, such as coral planting, whale shark and manta ray trips, holding arts and crafts activities, and even streaming documentaries with a marine theme. The team will also provide educational excursions for students and will allow visitors to participate in database and research projects involving marine species.

Commenting on World Ocean Month, Danielle remarks “I am looking forward to raising awareness on the importance of healthy marine wildlife and ecosystems for our guests, hosts and local communities here in the Maldives. It is critical that we form a sustainable connection between people and our oceans.”

A swimmer interacting with a Whale Shark. (Photo/Outrigger Maldives)

Visitors who participate in the resort's excursions can assist Danielle by filling out encounter forms when they observe manta rays and other harmless shark species in the nearby seas. Danielle mentions that it is one of the top seven shark sanctuaries in the world when talking about sharks.

She adds “I want people to shift away from negative misconceptions about sharks. They are misunderstood animals. They are truly beautiful and critically important for the health of our oceans.”

Corals found in the Maldives. (Photo/Outrigger Maldives)

Danielle is passionate about protecting the oceans, but she is also eager to include her artistic flair in her job. As a result, she creates murals and invites young visitors to the island to sketch marine life or make art using objects they find on the beach. She is also influenced by Madison Stewart, a.k.a. "Shark Girl," whose project Hiu attempts to convert ex-shark fin fishing boats in the Indonesian archipelago into marine pleasure boats.

Since beginning her position in March, Danielle has added Monday and Thursday evening guest talks, highlighting subjects including the Maldives Megafauna, Life on Our Blue Plane, The Ocean: A Carbon Sink, and Oceans and Climate Change. She also gives expert talks on coral reefs, whale sharks, manta rays, and sea turtles, and on Fridays, the resort hosts a beautiful marine documentary for visitors to watch.

Photo taken by Danielle Stanley that was was shortlisted in the Environmental Photographer of the Year Awards 2022. (Photo/Danielle Stanley)

Danielle is a dual British-South African citizen who was born and raised in Tanzania. At Newcastle University in England, she finished her postgraduate program in marine biology in 2022. Sylvia Earle, a marine activist and novelist, served as an inspiration for her writing; she is referred to as a legend in the field. In addition, Danielle is a well-known underwater photographer. Her photograph of a diver attempting to get a fishing line and hook out of a whale shark's throat in Tanzanian waters was even shortlisted for the Environmental Photographer of the Year Awards 2022.