The setting for an amazing Eid Al-Adha is provided by Milaidhoo Maldives. This Eid, the private island resort at the centre of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve sets out on a remarkable voyage where visitors may delight in exquisite culinary adventures and revitalizing spa treatments at the islands' Serenity Spa.

Milaidhoo intends to present visitors with fresh experiences every day from June 1 through June 30. Milaidhoo introduces cooking workshops with an emphasis on Maldivian foods, unique mocktail and cocktail classes, and an extraordinary Eid dinner buffet on the 28th of June, all with the goal of creating Milaidhoo experiences with food and beverages. For the entire month of June, Serenity Spa also intends to provide a recently developed spa service.

A water villa at Milaidhoo Maldives. (Photo/Milaidhoo Maldives)

The "Maldivian Eid" themed cooking lesson, which focuses on specific delicacies that Maldivians typically prepare during this time, is available to guests. Experience the Mas Huni wrap, a reimagined Milaidhoo creation inspired by the popular mas huni morning dish from the Maldives. Typically, onions, chilies, coconut, and shredded, smoked tuna make up this meal. Adventuresome visitors may even try creating their own drinks or meals using Screw Pine, a tropical shrub that grows in abundance on several of the Maldives' islands. Milaidhoo's talented chefs will walk guests through the process of creating original delicacies that are inspired by the Eid theme.

The Milaidhoo mixologists will share their expertise on how to produce some of the most well-known and adored Middle Eastern non-alcoholic beverages, paired with some Arabic sweet delicacies, in the Mocktail class, which is open to everyone who wants to discover their inner mixologist. Additionally, guests have the option of participating in a signature cocktail workshop with the help of the hotel's sommelier, who will assist them in selecting the best aperitif for their stay.

An ocean residence at Milaidhoo Maldives. (Photo/Milaidhoo Maldives)

A romantic evening on Milaidhoo's Maldivian traditional Dhoni, Saima, has never felt so simple. During the romantic one-and-a-half-hour trip, guests can take in the glittering Indian Ocean sunset while listening to live, simple Boduberu music.

A special couples' treatment called Maldivian Theyo Dhemun, a 60-minute full-body massage that makes use of traditional Maldivian medical methods for healing, is available for the month at Serenity Spa in addition to culinary excursions. For the final 30 minutes, guests have a choice between a coconut oil hair treatment or a foot massage that relieves stress.