JOALI Maldives was created with the intention of inspiring and enchanting visitors, and the designers are masters at bringing art to every nook and cranny of the stunning property, whether it is world-class art installations or beautiful architecture.

Le Petit Chef, the resort's newest culinary endeavour, is a specially built immersive encounter where art is off the canvas and on the dinner table, in keeping with its ethos and devotion to the arts. The resort is getting ready to redefine dining experiences with this culinary innovation.

With the addition of Le Petit Chef, the resort's Japanese restaurant Saoke has undergone a transformation and will now offer a unique dining experience that perfectly combines technology and theatre. This will bring culinary art to life and produce a genuinely unique feast that will be enjoyed by both gourmands and families. Along with mouthwatering food, the engaging experience will encourage visitors to rediscover their inner child because there will be nonstop entertainment from start to finish.

Culinary delights at JOALI Maldives.

In order to keep diners engaged and glued to their chairs throughout dinner, diners can anticipate being transported into an enchanting setting with endearing animations and fanciful narratives taking centre stage. Modern 3D mapping technology will be used by Le Petit Chef to project a miniature chef onto plates, taking diners on an enticing journey while the chef prepares a six-course meal right before their own eyes.

For six months, Le Petit Chef will be a featured restaurant at Saoke, providing patrons with a memorable dining experience that is likely to enhance their travel memories. Le Petit Chef is the best option for an exciting supper in JOALI Maldives, whether you're a gourmet aficionado looking to broaden your palette or a family looking for a magical evening.

“We are thrilled to bring Le Petit Chef to JOALI Maldives. This creative dining experience is the perfect addition to our already exceptional culinary offerings. We are confident that our guests will be blown away by the creativity, technology, and sheer fun of this incredible installation.” Enver Arslan, the General Manager of JOALI Maldives stated.