To commemorate World Ocean Day this year, the brand-new star resort Nova Maldives is hosting a number of eco-inspired activities and festivities. The ocean-centric agenda, which falls on June 8th, will concentrate on igniting interest and awareness among both visitors and team members through interesting discussions about marine life and by carrying out a number of sustainable actions.

Guests will gather any trash and debris around the tropical island for recycling as part of the celebration's eco-aware lagoon and house reef clean-up. Responsible travellers can then go to an awareness-raising seminar presented by Miyaru co-founder Hamna Hussain.

Swimming with a whale shark. (Photo/Nova Maldives)

She will offer insightful information about the fresh nonprofit working at the interface between people and sharks during the session. The Maldives' understudied, predatory shark populations are the focus of the Miyaru program's research and conservation efforts. Hamna will highlight the numerous environmental problems they deal with and give interesting information about the Maldives' varied ecosystem and the captivating underwater world as part of the program.

Visitors are also encouraged to participate in Nova's coral adoption program, which will highlight coral regeneration and rehabilitation as well as environmental challenges to the archipelago. Additionally, guests will have the uncommon chance to adopt a coral by planting one around the magnificent home reef, which will uniquely commemorate their eco-friendly vacations.

(Photo/Nova Maldives)

Manta rays and whale sharks frequent South Ari Atoll, where Nova Maldives is situated. As part of its World Oceans Day schedule, Nova will take visitors on a whale shark adventure in the South Ari Atoll seas, where they will get the opportunity to swim with the spotted ocean giants. Visitors will be able to get knowledge about the dynamics, conservation, and necessity of the gentle giants through this encounter.

Last but not least, a distinctive ocean art competition organized by a gifted local artist will be held at the resort. This gives visitors the freedom to explore their artistic side and capture their own interpretation of the amazing beauty of the aquatic life in the Maldives. Finally, Nova Maldives will hold a quiz competition to test visitors' knowledge of marine creatures, with the winner receiving a prize.

A green sea turtle. (Photo/Visit Maldives)

Because of its dedication to responsible environmental care and tourism, Nova is able to preserve the island's breathtaking natural beauty for future generations. The evocative island upholds its commitment to continuously enhancing its initiatives to minimize its environmental impact and utilize mindfulness to put sustainability at the centre of everything Nova Maldives undertakes.