Many tourists want to spend their summer vacations responsibly since it is quickly approaching, and Nova Maldives has the ideal solution for them! The sparkling new five-star resort in the Maldives has unveiled its 'Slow Itinerary' offer, a program that sends visitors on a voyage of discovery with a variety of sustainable activities to jump on board with. Through this program, visitors can learn new skills, engage in meaningful projects that benefit the neighbourhood and the environment, and reconnect with nature while reducing their environmental impact.

The resort's renowned dining areas offer a wide variety of organic and local dining experiences, allowing guests staying at Nova to start their culinary journey there. New vegan and vegetarian alternatives will be available at Soul Kitchen and Flames, and through the Holhuashi event, foodies may include traditional Maldivian fare into their menus. In addition to giving attendees the chance to sample local goods and learn how to make 'Hedhikaa' tea from a Maldivian housewife, the event will take a closer look at regional cultures and lifestyles.

(Photo/Nova Maldives)

In order to enhance their local experiences, visitors can enrol in a class on Maldivian coconut oil and learn about the various uses of the oil, including its use in traditional herbal remedies known as "Dhivehi Beys" as well as Maldivian cuisine. Those who are interested in the native tongue can enrol in "Basmagu," an introductory Dhivehi language course, or attend a Boduberu workshop to get a feel for the music. The Flora and Fauna lessons offered by Nova Maldives are perfect for guests who love the ocean and want to learn more about the extensive marine life.

The program also includes free yoga and gratitude meditation sessions set to the sounds of nature, providing moments of peace and well-being. Visitors are welcome to participate in the regenerative activities, which range from coral aquaculture classes to Nova house reef cleanups, to truly cap off their environmentally conscious vacations. During their stay on the island, thoughtful visitors can actively contribute by working with the local marine biologist to remove crown thorns from the house reef or plant young corals in a secure nursery.

Couple on an excursion at Nova Maldives.

Through these activities, Nova makes sure that visitors give back to the neighbourhood by ensuring that the island is in better shape when they depart than when they arrived. This enables people to have an influence during their visit while also immersing themselves in a variety of breathtaking and life-changing experiences. For stays from May through the end of July 2023, Nova has also introduced unparalleled savings on villa rates as well.