As part of the resort's worldwide support of art, Kandima has partnered with two game-changing international artists, Momo and Angelo Milano, who are currently making significant waves in the creative world, to mark World Art Day (April 15, 2023) in the "koolest" way imaginable.

Artist Momo painting a mural at Kandima Maldives. (Photo/Kandima Maldives)

In February 2023, Momo and Angelo Milano, a quirky, avant-garde Italian artist and one of the founders of the Street Art movement, collaborated to create the first-ever Maldivian mural masterpiece at the extraordinary Kandima resort. Momo's work encompasses a variety of media, including collage and computer coding. The Breeze Pool Bar, the ideal hotspot where guests can rest poolside with daily live entertainment and breathtaking views of the tropical, blue ocean waves, is where the artists let their creativity go.

Artists Angelo Milano (left) and Momo (right) stand in front of the mural they painted in Kandima Maldives. (Photo/Kandima Maldives)

They have painted murals worldwide and claim that what motivates them the most is fusing their passion for travel and exploration with creativity by painting outdoors, impromptu, and outside of their studio.

So why the Maldives? The painters desired to explore the Maldives and the Indian Ocean while painting in paradise. Their mural at Kandima was based on pure inspiration, what the Kandima brand stands for, and imagining the space available. The use of an intriguing frame composition captures the essence of a unique space that is open to all resort guests. This was the ideal location to explore because of the colorful sofas, lengthy horizontal space, and artists' desire to create. Their art travels through the inspiration they develop across the globe, uniting them in a really united way for the viewer to experience.

Art lessons at Kandima Maldives. (Photo/Kandima Maldives)

Supporting the arts is important, according to Kandima, the ideal lifestyle resort in the Maldives. The Kandima KULA Art Project, one of the largest CSR initiatives and a way to help regional artists and communities, was crucial during the establishment of the island resort in 2017. It was based on Kandima's core concept of being anchored. The KULA Art Studio is the centre of Kandima's art scene, including works by Maldivian artists and the resort's resident artist. All visitors are welcome to take part in either group or private art lessons at the serenely tranquil studio located on the shore of an inland lake.