Every year on March 17, International Sleep Day is commemorated to recognize and encourage coordinated efforts worldwide to promote sleep health awareness.

World Sleep Day in 2023 will focus on the theme "Sleep is Important for Health," spreading the message that sleep is essential for both physical and mental health. The Nautilus Maldives is assisting visitors in this cause by implementing the "Slumber Ritual," which is intended to encourage better sleep at night.

Sleep tourism is becoming more and more popular among travellers as travel expectations change over time, particularly as people's daily lives become more stressful and disrupt their sleep cycles. According to research, sleep deprivation increased during the pandemic because people spent weeks and months trapped in small places without the freedom of a tranquil mind, amplifying a number of mental health disorders.

Nautilus Maldives.

As a result, The Nautilus Maldives' ultra-luxurious retreat is a warm invitation for many visitors, where time stands still and they have the freedom to do everything they like, even sleep. The Nautilus's coastlines provide visitors a chance to unwind, disconnect from technology, and escape the pressures of everyday life while engaging in activities they like both day and night. On the evening of World Sleep Day, The Nautilus Slumber Ritual offers another custom option as a complimentary service.

The routine is carried out by The Nautilus' house masters, and before beginning, visitors can take a hot bath with Omorovicza bath salts to relax tense muscles and increase blood circulation. A warm pot of herbal flower tea and a cup of mixed nuts are ready for guests at their bedside after the delightful bath. Guests may anticipate a tranquil environment filled with the aroma of lavender and soothing music playing in the background when they return from their dinner. The atmosphere is established for a restful night's sleep, so visitors can drift off happily while curled up in their luxurious mattresses.

Nautilus Maldives.

A 2-day sleep routine is advised at the Solasta Spa for those who want to improve the quality of their sleep and advance their sleep journey. Body polishing, restorative yoga, and body massages are among the spa's array of services, which are priced at USD 455++ per visitor per day and can be scheduled in the convenience of their hotel room or home.

Exclusive 26 ultra-private beach and overwater homes and residences at The Nautilus Maldives are renowned for radiating home comforts, in keeping with the brand's core values. All of its rooms are characterized by a sense of space, which gives visitors total privacy to be whomever they desire. Also, all of these suite-style retreats share the stunning Maldives settings.