Deepak Booneady has been promoted to the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Sun Siyam Resorts, the company has stated.

He was the Vice President of Commercial at Sun Siyam Resorts prior to being promoted. Deepak's new position will see him closely collaborating with the group general manager, the resort management teams, and the board of directors at the corporate headquarters while overseeing the entire running of the business.

Deepak will work to develop, convey, and implement the brand's vision, mission, and transformative direction at all Sun Siyam facilities in his capacity as CEO. While serving as Sun Siyam Resorts' Vice President of Commercial, he demonstrated his exceptional leadership abilities by guiding the company through the Covid-19 pandemic's challenging hurdles.

During his time as VP of Commercial, the brand underwent significant development as he led the team through many challenges. As he rebuilt the brand and looked into new company management strategies to get through the tumultuous times, his forward-thinking abilities and business attitude proved to be of the utmost value.

Speaking on his appointment, Deepak comments “I’m incredibly honoured and proud to be part of such a dynamic and progressive organisation that allows me to share and implement innovative ideas, vision, and creativity. Apart from growing the business, my main goal moving forward is to create a culture of innovation for the team and the company to be ahead of the market, and to craft unique experiences for our guests.”

Deepak Booneady appointed CEO of Sun Siyam Resorts.

Deepak began working for Sun Siyam Resorts in 2019 as the group director of business development. In 2021, he received a promotion to Vice President of Commercial. In the past, he served as the Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for the Mauritius-based hospitality company LUX* Resorts and Hotels. He oversaw the group's product promotion and business growth at the time and was a key contributor to increasing sales and product positioning.

Deepak now assumes the role of CEO of Sun Siyam Resorts with more than 25 years of expertise in the premium travel and hospitality sectors, ready to grow the company's reputation. Deepak reads a lot and is constantly looking for methods to learn more. He recently finished various education programs at Harvard Business School.

The Chairman and Founder of Sun Siyam Resorts, Ahmed Siyam remarked on the occasion “Deepak made a lasting impression on the board with his vision, intellect and professionalism. He has made a tremendous impact during his time at Sun Siyam Resorts to date, and we have no doubt he will continue the momentum as our new CEO.”