Baros Maldives, which is located in the southernmost part of North Male Atoll, is most renowned for romance. The picturesque property was recognized as the "World's Most Romantic Resort" in 2022 for the seventh time in a decade. It has a variety of romantic settings and scenery. The exquisite location has also successfully defended its position as the "Indian Ocean's Most Romantic Resort" ten times in a row, enhancing its standing as the top destination for couples.

Baros Maldives has taken every precaution to make sure the resort is ready to host people celebrating their enduring love as the lover's special day approaches soon. For couples looking for fresh ways to rekindle their long-standing vows and commitments, the romance island will be bursting at the seams with finely planned offerings and meticulously constructed experiences.

Celebrate Valentines Day with The Worlds Most Romantic Resort.

To begin with, lovers can formally declare their love for one another by burying a symbolic token in the resort's beautiful coral. Visitors can use marine glue to adhere tiny coral fragments to an infinity-shaped coral frame or even affix a little tag to the frame that is personalized with their initials or a special message with the help of the Baros resident marine biologist. By fusing their love in this way, the coral frame will flourish with marine polyps and produce a stunning underwater expression of love.

For couples looking to escape to the Maldives for a restorative getaway, the Serenity Spa has created some special extras only for Valentine's Day. With a revitalizing spa regimen that includes amorous treatments, reignite the desire. While an intuitive fragrant full body massage can strengthen the bond, a full body scrub with rose petals or a private bath decorated with rose petals will rekindle the body and soul.

Celebrate Valentines Day with The Worlds Most Romantic Resort.

Another field that couples looked into on their big day was gastronomy, and Baros Maldives has prepared a delicious menu for them. Start off by enjoying scrumptious cocktails by the Lighthouse Lounge at sunset while admiring how nature transforms the gloomy sky into a work of art. Then, enjoy a special Valentine's-themed dinner at the Lighthouse Restaurant under the stars and by candlelight.

Visitors who yearn for blissful privacy can extend their dining experience by planning a special destination meal for their significant other. A private butler will cater to just the two of them as they dine in a heart-shaped structure on a spotless, empty sandbank. Couples can start this romantic night with champagne and roses at sunset and move on to eating under a thousand heavenly bodies. A sumptuous 5-course set menu will be prepared for opulent dining. All true romantics will have a paradisiacal experience!

Celebrate Valentines Day with The Worlds Most Romantic Resort.

There are several sparkling options available to the couple-in-love who don't want to leave the comforts of their villa to liven up the holiday. Couples can choose the unique floating breakfast experience, which is surrounded on all sides by glistening azure waters. The brunch will strengthen their commitment to one another while they are relaxing in their private pool in a beautiful setting.