After 17 days of exciting, top-notch events and entertainment, the holiday season at the award-winning Amilla Maldives Resort & Residences has come to a conclusion.

The island resort first set the atmosphere for a memorable holiday season with an abundance of eco-friendly LED and solar-powered lights. As the focal point of the beach, a colossal Christmas tree made entirely of lights rose tall, spreading holiday cheer far and wide.

The New Year's Eve live performances by British singer-songwriter Pixie Lott and DJ Scott Mills, with the theme "A Night at the Grammys," were among the resort's highlights. The year 2023 was ushered in at midnight with a dazzling display of fireworks and varied music to keep the beachgoers dancing. In the nine days before the huge event, the duo lit up the stage and entertained guests with serenades.

Festive Season concludes at Amilla Maldives.

Amilla Maldives went above and above for its visitors throughout the holiday program, which lasted from December 22 to January 8 and featured the exciting itineraries brought on by Christmas, Orthodox Christmas, and New Year. The property held a variety of activities every day, including acrobatics, seminars, and exclusive events dedicated to different musicals and theatre favourites, all dancing to the joyous theme "Amilla Presents, Showtime."

With various ridiculously named treks spread out over the days, wellness was incorporated into the celebrations. A few of the highlighted wellness activities throughout the holidays are Santa's Hatha Yoga, Reindeer Zumba, and an elf acrobatics class. The tranquil amenities of the Javvu Spa also offered clients individualized wellness programs.

The wholesome and filling "Wellness Your Way" cuisine was served alongside Amilla's glitzy gala dinners and lavish gourmet meals! Wellness Your Way, which has won numerous awards, provides a variety of menu options that support "eating lifestyles" and is a complimentary complement to the main menus at all 7 gourmet restaurants. Customers can even incorporate the cuisine into their customized wellness plans created by the Javvu Spa team for added flair.

Festive Season concludes at Amilla Maldives.

The Amilla Maldives' dedicated Festive Football Camp, run by famed footballer Tim Sherwood, did not disappoint the young guests at all. Other kid-friendly attractions at the Kids Club include Mrs Claus' Craft Party, Mermaid Classes, and other lovely activities.

The devoted Festive Football Camp at the Amilla Maldives, conducted by renowned footballer Tim Sherwood, did not let down the young visitors in the least. The Kids Club also offers great activities for children, such as Mrs Claus' Craft Party, Mermaid Classes, and others.


Festive Season concludes at Amilla Maldives.

With so much happening in the last few days, Amilla Maldives has successfully staged a festive program for its large number of visitors, giving them many memories and unique experiences to enrich their vacation stays.