Aragu Signature Restaurant is set to collaborate with Châteaux Montrose for a winemaker dinner this January to explore the blends of Bordeaux curated by the master connoisseur, Hervé Berland. 

Bordeaux-born Berland, who has spent the previous 45 years perfecting the fine art of winemaking, will bring his wealth of knowledge to the shores of Velaa. Berland, who is currently the CEO of Châteaux Montrose, will host two special winemaker dinners on January 15 and 20 and perfectly pair vintages for an experience that will appeal to even the most discriminating connoisseur.

Aragu transforms modern European cuisine by fusing culinary artistry with consciousness and sustainability, elevating gourmet experiences to a new level. Gaushan de Silva puts a modern spin on the perennials of the Old Continent by favoring carefully selected, organic ingredients from all over the world to emphasize authenticity. The chef's traditional culinary methods combined with modern concepts and carefully chosen ingredients promise a revitalizing but opulent experience.

The 45-minute beautiful flight to the island of Velaa can be taken on either a commercial seaplane or a privately chartered Velaa seaplane with nine seats (15 seater). Private aircraft can take a leisurely 35-minute luxury yacht journey from Velaa to Maafaru International Airport or travel there in 7 minutes by seaplane. With comfort and solitude as its guiding principles and with the Indian Ocean taking centre stage, Velaa Private Island was created. Each of the private retreats is made with natural materials in harmony with the environment, fusing modern flourishes with sensory-friendly interiors.

To fully experience nature, expansive terraces and seductive gazebos are placed to take advantage of views, privacy, breeze, shade, and breeze. The resort has 4 four-bedroom residences and 43 private villas, houses, and residences. While 18 of the 43 buildings are situated above the water, only a boat may access the Romantic Pool Residence, providing even more solitude and exclusivity.