The need to protect the planet and its resources is more important than ever, given the rising environmental challenges and effects of global warming. More people are changing their travel habits and choosing environmentally responsible vacations as a result of the general public's growing awareness of environmental responsibility. The care for fragile ecosystems is evident across many of Gili Lankanfushi's projects, and for those who want to go a little further, the Gili Plant-Based Discovery Program is a fantastic place to start.

For visitors, the Gili Plant-Based discovery offers a wide range of plant and nature-based experiences that are motivated by the resort's goals to reduce its impact on the environment and foster responsible travel. With this deal, visitors may create their own Gili tale while taking part in custom activities designed to instill a passion for the Maldives' lush surroundings.

Several dining options are offered so that guests can enjoy plant-based cuisine during their stay. Guests can eat from Chef Hari's lavishly prepared plant-based menus for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Additionally, Gili Organic Garden's chef table experience, which features farm-to-fork eating with fresh foods from the garden, will be unforgettable. Maldivian curries, juices, and smoothies, among other delicacies, are abundantly served to guests here.

The wellness inclusions in the package that encourage guests to reconnect with nature are another innovative experience in the discovery. In the blissful cocoon of the Meera Spa, visitors can select a 60-minute treatment of their choosing that is created with vegan, cruelty-free materials. Additionally, guests can take advantage of a private vinyasa flow yoga class performed on an organic yoga mat. Enjoy the greatest views of nature while bringing harmony and balance to your mind, body, and soul.

Grab some snorkeling gear and walk out into the ocean; the Green adventure wouldn't be complete without experiencing the Maldives' underwater splendour. A guided snorkeling tour of the resort's seagrass meadows will follow a marine biologist's presentation on seagrass. Before heading over to the coral gardens, take in the variety of animals that calls the seagrass home. Additionally, visitors will receive updates on Gili Lankanfushi's coral line project and their commitment to sustainability.

In addition, visitors can enjoy roundtrip speedboat transfers, plant-based welcome products, and a variety of villa accommodations with a minimum 4-night stay. Therefore, take part in this amazing plant-based discovery in the Maldives and help to protect the environment.