In order to build a tourism island within the city of Hulhumale, Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has created an integrated tourism masterplan, which goes beyond the original one-island-one-resort proposal. This tourist island, which will be built in the recently urbanized region on Hulhumale's northernmost side, will be remote and isolated from the local residents by a water canal.

The master plan includes a wide variety of modern buildings, from high-end and midscale buildings to luxury villas. As a result, the project offers a wide range of good investment opportunities, with various business models offering considerable flexibility. The leasing model, fixed lease model, and joint venture model are a few of the business models employed by Urban Isle. Investors are given the discretion to choose the business model of their choice when submitting bids.

Urban Isle. (Photo/Urbain Isle)

The Urban Isle project, which welcomes both domestic and international visitors, is also made to accommodate all types of travellers, be it on a budget or looking to splash some cash. It is perfect for both extended vacations and short stays, meeting the needs of a wide range of travellers.

Three property plots totalling 50,681 sqm have been designated for upscale hotels, each with an average height of 10 stories. With 360-degree ocean vistas and breathtaking sunrises offering the ideal dose of nature, luxury guests can be certain to feel at peace here.

Urban Isle. (Photo/Urbain Isle)

Midscale hotels will focus on those looking for semi-luxury accommodations and will have a total size of 19,103 sqm. They will also face the beautiful ocean. The hotels each have three plots with ten-story buildings on them. Here, one can relax in the ideal balance of sea and lodging.

The city hotels are the option for those looking to conserve money while travelling in style. They are strategically situated in the middle of the island, so scenic vistas and the breathtaking beach scene are close by. For this reason, four sites with 8–10 story buildings will be constructed.

Urban Isle. (Photo/Urbain Isle)

For digital nomads and other long-term travellers, the serviced flats are the epitome of seclusion. Apartments will be built on 10 plots totalling 7006 square meters.

The roomy and stylish luxury villas, which are waterfront-located, will check off travellers' wish lists as their ideal vacation residence. Within the blue colours of the Maldives, 11 plots are set aside for the three-story buildings.

The tower, a multi-use 15-story skyscraper with penthouses, renowned retail and dining establishments, and much more, is the highlight of the tourism island.

Urban Isle. (Photo/Urbain Isle)

Investment potential extends well into commercial usage, with 30 outlets set aside for the cause, elevating the tourist and resident experience. In addition, the property will include entertainment hubs and facilities for health and wellness.