The Top 10 Sustainability Initiatives, Tour Operator category from Wanderlust Travel Media has featured Secret Paradise Maldives for 2022.

This year's awards included three brand-new Sustainability Categories that allowed tourist boards, tour operators, and lodging providers to promote their efforts and innovations in the sustainability sector. A jury of business and sustainability professionals, including Derek Moore, Kate Kenward, John Telfer, Holly Tuppen, Vicky Smith, Richard Hammond, Karen Edwards, and Tess Longfield, judged each category submission based on supporting documentation.

"To be ranked 7th is a huge accomplishment for a local independent travel business. We are competing with some of the biggest global travel companies, some of whom we are fortunate to have as partners and we are privileged to stand alongside them in this category. As a team we are proud to promote sustainable and responsible travel. We hope we inspire our partners, our guests and the tourism industry as a whole, demonstrating that any size of business can make a positive impact," Ruth Franklin, a co-founder of Secret Paradise, said.

Since 2012, sustainable and responsible tourism has been a key component of Secret Paradise's business strategy. They take care to promote local tourism in a way that respects Maldivian culture and traditions. They strive to conserve the environment and minimize adverse effects on local life by educating their personnel, visitors, and residents.

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