A Resort '23 collection called "FILUN" (Dhivehi for "escape") inspired by the island's brilliant colours and welcoming culture will be released by conscious contemporary lifestyle brand DIARRABLU in collaboration with LUX* South Ari Atoll in the Maldives in honour of tropical wanderlust.

With its upbeat moods, quiet scenic coves, and clear ocean seas, The Lux Collective, one of the largest Maldivian islands, is the perfect setting for creativity. The LUX* South Ari Atoll, where four kilometres of pristine sands meet azure lagoons, is reflected in the DIARRABLU Resort '23 Collection. Diarra Bousso, the brand's creative director, and her international team travelled to the island from San Francisco, Dakar, Cape Town, Abidjan, and London to develop a spectacular campaign that narrates the enchanted tale of the alliance.

LUX* VILLA at LUX* South Ari Atoll. (Photo/LUX* Resorts)

"The cooperation between LUX* South Ari Atoll and DIARRABLU is more than just a fashionable activation. Anyone preparing for a vacation to a far-off tropical location will give their travel and wardrobe some serious thought. The capsule collection's locally inspired patterns and environmentally friendly materials complemented LUXcommitment *'s to sustainability. The handcrafted women's clothing and swimwear are fashionable and functional, perfect for celebrating life and adding a touch of the unusual to your vacation. stated Caroline Gaud-Perrier, The Lux Collective's vice president of marketing.

Diarra Bousso is an artist at heart despite calling herself a creative mathematician. An experienced dancer and former Wall Street trader, she explores mathematics to produce engaging artistic and educational experiences. Diarra, who now resides in California but was born and reared in Senegal and Norway, is captivated by oxymorons. Her creations are grounded in traditional African craftsmanship while embracing a more conscious future for the sector. Through the fusion of history and technology in her line of apparel, accessories, and art prints, the brand highlights the beauty in contrasts.

Diarra Bousso, the artist behind "FILUN". (Photo/DIARRABLU)

The colour scheme of the collection draws influence from white sands, pink flowers, and turquoise oceans. In keeping with the brand's distinctive aesthetic of mixing geometry and art, the prints Ari Blu, Atoll Rose, Atoll Blu, Playa Aqua, Isla Noir, and Tukki Noir were created.

"FILUN" by Diarrablu. (Photo/DIARRABLU)

The items with solid colours—aqua, coral, white, and black—are manufactured from environmentally friendly lyocell and Tencel, which are created from recycled cellulose from wood pulp. For eye-catching ensembles when travelling, the collection offers pieces that are proportionate and size-inclusive. According to the brand's revolutionary business concept, which aims to build sustainable livelihoods and decrease waste, the apparel and jewellery are produced by regional artisan groups in Diarra's home Senegal.