A country filled with pristine locations around every corner, the government of Maldives has taken the initiative on designating at least one island and lagoon from every atoll in the country as a protected area.

Farekede, a location of pride among the residents of the southern city, is the latest to be added to the list of protected areas in the country. Farekede is an area of the south where sharks often come to breed.

A number of other marine organisms such as rays, and whale sharks are also often seen in the area. Marine organisms often pictured in the area they see as a safe haven, are under the very real threat of extinction.

Farekede, Fuvahmulah City. (Photo/Ahmed Shammoon Ameen (Shumi))

This is one of the main reasons that led the government to designate the area as a protected area. The Environment Ministry designated the area as such starting from July 22, 2020. A total of 11 regions across the nation were designated as protected last year alone.

Some of the latest additions to the list include

  • Kendhikulhudhoo Mangrove Area 
  • Bodulhaimendhoo
  • Bolissafaru
N. Kendhikulhudhoo. (Photo/findglocal)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced the decision to protect the South-eastern region of Fuvahmulah City in February of 2020. Now that it is a protected area, boats will not be permitted to anchor in the Farekede area and the capture of animals, fishing, and waste disposal in the area will also be outlawed. However, tourists and members of the local community will still be permitted to visit the unique location, to experience a region unlike any other.