On October 28, 2021, the five-star resort, Siyam World, opened its shores to the public.

The all-inclusive resort celebrated its first anniversary with a huge Birthday Bash yesterday. 

Siyam World was created to be able to cater all kinds of guests, including honeymooners, families, and groups of friends looking for a luxurious getaway from the dull beat of everyday life.

Loabi fushi sandbank at Siyam World (Photo/Sun Siyam)

The resort is situated on N. Dhigurah, and boasts five beach villas, seven water villas, and six beach houses in their Beach House Collection. To reach the resort guests can opt for a 40-minute flight on a seaplane from Velana International Airport or a 10-minute speedboat ride from Maafaru after a domestic flight to the island’s airport.

Water villa with a slide at Siyam World (Photo/Sun Siyam)

The resort can harbour more than a thousand guests and offers four kilometres of white sandy beaches. Guests can choose between five bars and nine restaurants in Siyam World, offering cuisines from around the world including, Spanish, Indian, Thai, and Japanese. Indulge in fresh seafood and catch of the day at The Wahoo Grill. From Kulhivaru, the bar dedicated to all kinds of sports, to Jungali, a jungle pool bar in the heart of nature where one can sip cocktails and listen to birdsong by the pool.

Jungali bar at Siyam World (Photo/ Sun Siyam)

There are experiences for every age group at Siyam World such as the Horse Ranch where guests can ride along the picturesque Maldivian coastline with the sunrise or sunset, experience the freeing and adventurous activity of horseback riding, or visit their beautiful equine friends. Guests can even escape to the island of intimate romance with their special someone and experience the magic of sandbanks at Loabifushi. Siyam Water World is home to the biggest floating water park in the Indian Ocean to date. Think slippery slides, fun parkours, loads of obstacles, water trampolines, climbing walls, and rafts, this fun water experience will keep everyone entertained.

Siyam Water World at Siyam World (Photo/Siyam World)

Experience the extraordinary Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 – the world’s first hydrofoil e-bikes. Capable of speeds up to 11 knots, these emission-free wave-riding phenomena create a completely new cycling experience on the water, a unique experience that is much different from the usual cycling on land.

Hydrofoil E-bike at Siyam World (Photo/Sun Siyam)

Take a ride in the Seabreacher, an extraordinary semisubmersible vessel that can jump over, dive under, and carve left and right through the waves – and are even capable of 360-degree barrel rolls on the water.

The Seabreacher at Siyam World (Photo/Sun Siyam)

Siyam World is not just all about fun and games, the resort offers different ways of unwinding and finding your inner peace with their Veyo Spa. Choose from a variety of programs to improve health and wellness at this sanctuary inspired by the natural and peaceful surroundings. The resort even offers yoga for kids, pilates, Zumbini, and sunset meditation.

VEYO Spa at Siyam World (Photo/Siyam World)

The one-year Birthday Bash hosted artists and even a visiting Michelin-starred chef.