Maldives is among the handful of destinations picked out by CNN as the top places to visit in 2021

The island nation, which was recently crowned as the World's Leading Destination, has consistently remained at the top of tourist destination lists ever since its induction into the industry.

CNN, in its piece about Maldives on the 21 destination list duly noted the fact that even during the pandemic, Maldive shad managed to keep its borders open because of the "built-in social distancing offered by its luxurious resorts".

Yes, Maldives due to its geography and dispersed islands with few major population centers, is easily one of the safest places to tuck away and hide from the pandemic, while enjoying some of the best views, dining, and luxury experience available throughout the world. 

"White sand beaches? Check. World-class dining? Yep. Incredible swimming, sailing, and scuba diving? Got those too." stated CNN travel staff. 

CNN also teased its audience with some of the biggest resort names prepping to open in Maldives in 2021. Big names such as Ritz-Carlton, Patina, Le Meridien, Capella, and Radisson Blu are on their way. 

The Border Miles program, the world's first nation based travel loyalty program was also noted by CNN. 

Maldives was joined on the list by destinations such as Mexico, Japan, Italy, Granada, and Hawaii.