Condor and Air France have commenced operations to Maldives. 

The most popular airline in Germany, Condor will be holding two flights between Frankfurt and Male’ City as part of the operations. Air France also commenced operations yesterday. 

Condor had been operating between Germany and Maldives before Maldives closed its borders on March 27. Air France had also been operating to Maldives since 2017, and also stopped operations due to the lockdown.   

The nation only reopened its borders on July 15.

Condor will be holding flights every Sunday and Tuesday. The airline joins Lufthansa as German airlines currently operating to Maldives, the world’s leading travel destination. Lufthansa currently holds flights between Frankfurt and Male’ City every Wednesday and Sunday.

Germany is an important source market for tourists to Maldives with more than 5,300 tourist arrivals recorded since the border reopening. In 2020, a total of 32,072 tourists have been recorded from Germany. 

Air France will hold flights three days per week as part of the operations. 

In addition to Condor and Air France, a total of 22 airlines are currently operating to Maldives. Six more international airlines are expected to commence operations before the end of the year. 

Maldives has so far welcomed 24,033 tourists from France in 2020, including 3,109 after the border reopening in July. Maldives is now on average, receiving around 2,000 to 3,000 tourists per day. Maldives has recorded 505,092 tourists in 2020, with 122,245 recorded after the border reopening.