One of the hallmark guarantees of every eatery ever created is the freshness of the produce used in the cooking. The Maldivian capital is no different in laying down this claim. However, it is has always been a risk, I've felt, to order a sandwich with Salmon in it. Of course, that is until now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, The Scotsman, as prepared by Belle Amie Bistro: Norwegian smoked salmon on a bed of pumpernickel bread, cream cheese, onions and eggs. The lean, peachy salmon complimenting the blend of cream cheese and bread with it's subtle touch of salt while accented by the onions creating a taste both eccentric and delicate.

Belle Amie Bistro at Somerset Hotel, Malé (Sun Photo/ Mohamed Afrah)

This, I have come to find out, was only a small fragment of what the Belle Amie Bistro has to offer. From pasta and sandwich variations to refreshers and Mocktails, the in-house restaurant at the Somerset Hotel in Male' City is definitely not holding back when it comes to the quality in their services across the board.

Accessible from both the street and the hotel, Belle Amie greets you in classic marble highlighting the maroon chairs around the wood-finish tables. And before you sit down, you are sure to catch quickly the recent Distinguished Restaurant award displayed proudly on the wall. This was the point where I knew I was in for a treat.

Belle Amie Bistro at Somerset Hotel, Malé (Sun Photo/ Mohamed Afrah)

With the right company, Belle Amie Bistro is a definite gem of a restaurant hidden away across from the National Museum. Contrary to the typical French Bistro the name suggests, the design is contemporary and modern, offering tranquility to international and local guests.

Belle Amie Bistro at Somerset Hotel, Malé (Sun Photo/ Mohamed Afrah)

The top restaurant in the capital city according to Trip Advisor also hosts a special afternoon tea from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. along with weekend buffets of Sri Lankan and Indian food every week; constantly delivering good on their mantra.


Approx. for two (with drinks + dessert): $ 67.00

((star rating 4/5))