In Maldives, Meraki is a household name for good coffee. The cafe which opened in 2017, has now gained global attention after it was ranked as one of the 50 Best Coffee In the continent of Asia by Big 7 Travel Guide.

Certainly, a massive feat, Meraki earned the 25th spot on the list, outshining several notable names in countries such as Sri Lanka and even India. KC Roasters hailing from the busy hub of Mumbai, India, placed 22nd on the list making it the only one from South Asia which ranked higher than Meraki.

Meraki, can easily be described as the bringers of a revolutionary new level and a whole new standard to Maldives, a country with a deep-rooted coffee culture in locals.

Meraki Coffee Roasters.

The coffee shop near the parliament house in the capital Male' City was opened by Mabrouq Azeez, who himself is a minor celebrity in Maldives, with his affable calm demeanor as the government spokesperson during the height of the COVID-19 situation.

Mabrouq is also a well-trained coffee enthusiast and when not busy with press conferences, Mabrouq can often be seen donning on the apron of Meraki to keep himself busy with his passion. The word ‘Meraki’ stands testament to this since, in Greek, it means passion, creativity, or love.

Big 7 Travel’s list of the top 50 are based on audience surveys, reader suggestions, as well as the editorial team’s reviews.