The Maldives is the first nation in the entire world to introduce a loyalty program for repeat travels. 

In a bid to boost the tourism industry, the nation rolled out the loyalty program named Border Miles Program.

It s estimated that on average, a traveler will need to make three to four trips to reach Aida, the first tier of the program, according to the Controller of Immigration Mohamed Ahmed Hussain.

In order to reach the second tier named Antara, around 15-17 trips are needed. To reach the top tier, travelers will need to make 30-32 trips for the ultimate loyalty reward.

"As this program is aimed at repeated travelers, we believe that tourists will start earning tiers probably by the end of 2021." tweeted Controller Hussain.

Since reopening on July 15, the Maldives has accepted more than 44,000 tourists. Resorts are once again thriving after the four-month-long closure. The country now permits tourists to travel across the nation and all types of tourist establishments are once again open under strict safety measures.