Whether you are flying a five-hour or fourteen-hour flight to the other side of the world, make sure to take good care of your skin. In-flight skincare is often brushed off and not given the importance it really needs. Traveling long distances on a flight can easily dry and damage your skin. Take advantage of being airborne (even if it is for a few hours) and pamper your precious outer layer.

Most of us always aim to pack our handbag or carry-on for the flight, as light as possible. So it goes without saying that everything we put in our bags has to be light or small. Aside from the necessary documents and passport, include a travel-friendly waterproof pouch large enough for all skincare or make-up products. It is wise to switch your large tubs of moisturizers or facial sprays to smaller containers.


1- Make-up wipes

Wearing make-up to the airport is understandable; after all you never know who you might bump into! But once you board the plane and the seat belt sign goes off - that is when you pick out a facial wipe and gently get all that make-up off your face. The recycled air in the plane can make your skin dry or break out so let your skin breathe and hydrate by removing any pore-clogging make-up. Always make sure to pick out a good quality make-up wipe that is alcohol free; any harsh ingredients will either make your skin drier or cause irritation. Facial wipes with natural ingredients like Argan oil or Aloe Vera not only cleanses but moisturizes your skin too. 



2- Sheet masks


Step two of your in-flight skin treatment is putting on a soothing sheet mask. The air inside the plane is dry as a desert so keep your skin moisturized at all times to maintain that soft and supple look. You might look like Jason from the movie Friday the 13th, after putting one on; but it really does not matter once you step off the plane looking fresh and awake. Varieties of sheet masks are available today, but make sure to pick one from a good brand. Look for sheet masks that have nourishing ingredients and are free of parabens, sulfate and alcohol. Sheet masks are not for women only. Share one with your male travel partner.


3- Under-Eye patches


A refreshing pair of crescent shaped patches will work wonders for those who get puffy under-eyes because of the high altitude. Carefully remove them from its packing and place them for roughly ten minutes. Most patches have cooling and firming ingredients like glycerin. Under-eye patches not only fight puffiness, but they also help to firm the skin and lighten dark circles. The skin under your eyes is so thin and delicate that they are one of the first places to show signs of aging and stress; so you have to treat them with utmost care.


4- Moisturize

The skin on your face is not the only place that needs hydration and moisture. Bring a body balm along with you to apply over your hands, wrists and elbows. A body balm is better than a bottle of hand lotion as it is easy to fit into your bag, light and can quickly moisturize your skin.


5- Final Touch-Up before Landing


Now that your skin treatment is finally done, let’s move on to make-up. Layers of heavy make-up do not sound like a practical thing to do, so opt for minimal yet fresh make-up. A concealer cream in your skin tone will be perfect to apply under your eyes and cover any dark spots. It will give a clear yet natural complexion. Apply a tinted lip balm over your lips. Your lips can easily show signs of dehydration so slather a generous amount to moisturize and add an instant pop of color. But perhaps the most important beauty tip from all these is drinking water. You might have to go in and out of the loo, but keeping your body hydrated is extremely vital.