Join InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort this holiday season for a gastronomically charged experience.

With Christmas time fast approaching, Maamunagau resort is hosting Michelin-starred celebrity chef from the US, Anita Lo, and Parisian flair bartender Anne-Lise Jouenne.

The festivities will kick off with the Christmas tree lighting on December 22. Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year by taking a break from the stress of daily routines and lighten your troubles with the serenity only offered by a private tropical getaway.

InterContinental Maamunagau Resort (Photo/InterContinental Maldives Hotels and Resorts)

The resort further elevates the experience for guests this festive season with the residence of Chef Anita Lo and bartender Anne-Lise Jouenne. Chef Anita draws inspiration from her travels across the globe to influence her food and has fast become one of the most sought-after Chefs in the US.

“For me, there is nothing better than discovering a new culture through its food. Ingredients tell stories, both personal and historical, about the people who cook it, about migration, strife, and the surrounding land. Food is identity, and I love nothing more than sharing what I’ve learned along the way,” she said.

Chef Anita Lo (Business Insider Photo/Briana McDonell)

As for Anne-Lise Jouenne, the bartender from the capital of France, she is an immensely talented flair bartender and one of the very few flair bartenders in her native France. She gained the public’s notice by showing off her skillset and garnering praise and fame on the social media platform, Tiktok. She was the best female participant in the acclaimed Roadhouse competition held in London back in 2019 and will be adding her own boozy creations to the resort’s already jam-packed cocktail menu.

Flair bartender Anne-Lise Jouenne (Photo/Cocktail and News)

In addition to this, guests are also advised to tour the multiple wellness journeys at the AVI spa, prepared by visiting practitioners, who guarantee that it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for any guest to recall fondly. Guests can choose their own spa experience, as wellness professionals offer different healing techniques from the diverse tricks and trades they have up their sleeves.

InterContinental Maamunagau Resort (Photo/InterContinental Maldives Hotels and Resorts)

The Planet Trekkers have come up with a wide array of educational and creative experiences catered for kids and families. From overwater activities to the beach to the sky, children and their families will have many opportunities to make memories and share special days. As Maamunagau is located near a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, guests can visit the awe-inspiring underwater world hidden beneath the turquoise lagoon including a unique manta ray sanctuary.

InterContinental Maamunagau Resort (Photo/InterContinental Maldives Hotels and Resorts)

The holiday season this year is all about welcoming visitors to a Secret Garden and inviting them into their own little paradise, where they may explore the magical island's labyrinth of tropical splendour and find secret delights like the Secret Pop-Up Bar.

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