Cheval Blanc Randheli resort, one of Maldives' crown jewels when it comes to tourism and unparalleled hospitality, has now introduced the first surf simulator ever in Maldives.

The resort, boasting the surf simulator now takes pride in the fact that everyone, and we mean, everyone, can enjoy the thrill of surfing in Maldives. Beginners can take their baby steps towards the exhilarating real experience without the hesitations that kept them shackled, while experienced pro surfers can also get familiarized with the waves, before actually venturing into the water. 

Surfing in Maldives is an experience to behold, as the country has an innumerable amount of wave spots. Cheval Blanc also hosts a number of water sports activities for particular guests who are thrill-seekers.

Surfing is an extremely popular sport in the Maldives with Maldivians fondly referring to themselves as the children of the sea, and it has become a must-experience for anyone with the right mindset to experience the true Maldives.

Cheval Blanc, after debuting the simulator, has invited all guests to ride a wave. Located in Noonu Atoll, Cheval Blanc Randheli is described as an intimate, contemporary experience of luxury. The resort is at the top end of the host of world-class resorts in Maldives and has always been a standout establishment in the everchanging industry.