Travel experts of My Baggage have determined that Maldives, the World's Leading Travel Destination, is now also the most Instagrammed spot in the world.  

Travel Daly News reported the news from My Baggage, that Maldives is the most Instagrammed tourist destination in the world with nearly 9 million hashtags and images uploaded onto the social media network.

This is more than any other tourist destination in the world. Instagram is arguably the most used social media network by travel enthusiasts and tourists looking for new adventures and vacation spots. Maldives took the top spot with 8.8 million photos shared under #Maldives.

The Standard Huravalhi Maldives. (Photo/Rayyu Maldives Photographer/

France’s Eiffel Tower took second place with 6.5 million photos, followed by Times Square in New York with 4.4 million photos. Travel Daily News also reported that with limited options available for holidaying amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Maldives has become the destination of choice for many, including influencers and celebrities from all across the world.

Maldives recorded 555,000 tourist arrivals last year, and 180,468 arrivals so far this year despite the travel restrictions in place for most of the year. The previous year, Maldives recorded more than a million visitors. 

Visit Maldives, the marketing campaign of Maldives emphasized on characteristics that make Maldives a relatively safe destination and a safe haven for tourists such as the unique geographical formation of Maldivian islands, and the one-island-one-resort concept in order to attract tourists to Maldives even as the pandemic goes on. Maldives also won World’s Leading Destination at the World Travel Awards 2020.