"Visit, Vaccine and Vacay", will soon become the pioneering reason why tourists choose Maldives for their holidays, as it targets to become one of the first nations to offer vaccinations for tourists arriving in the top tier travel destination.

When the initiative is launched, Maldives would be the destination that provides a heavenly vacation experience, coupled with the incentive of being vaccinated against the pandemic virus. Tourists would get vaccinated upon arriving in Maldives, experience the luxury and beauty of the nation described as heaven on earth, before returning to their normal lives to continue a safe journey well protected against the virus. 

The Astrazeneca-Oxford University developed Covishield vaccine being administered in Maldives. (Photo/Sun Media Group/Fayaz Moosa)

It was the Tourism Minister Dr. Abdulla Mausoom himself who announced that Maldives was targeting to soon rollout vaccines for tourists arriving in Maldives.

The Minister was speaking in the parliament during a questioning session when he stated that the government had the idea to move towards vaccine tourism. 

"President Solih has the idea, which we also support. vaccine tourism...the three V's. To Visit, Vaccine, and Vacation," said Minister Mausoom. The Minister added that the idea would be very advantageous to upping tourist arrivals.

Minister of Tourism Dr. Abdulla Mausoom arriving at Fiyavalhu Maldives -- (Photo/FIYAVALHU MALDIVES)

 Maldives, which was crowned as the World's Leading Destination dubbed as the Oscars of the world tourism industry, is currently conducting a vigorous vaccine campaign to inoculate its entire eligible population.

A special focus is also on inoculating tourism industry front-liners such as the staff of resorts and airport workers so that they are protected against the virus and its spread. 

"God willing, Maldives would soon be counted as a nation that begins vaccine tourism," said the Minister. 

Tourism industry workers of Maldive4s being inoculated against COVID-19. (Photo/Sun Media Group/Fayaz Moosa)

Maldives is currently administering the Astrazeneca-Oxford vaccine, which is deemed as amongst the safest and most effective vaccines against the virus. The vaccine is also thought to cut down the spread of the virus by more than 50 percent.

Other types of vaccines such as the Pfizer vaccine and Sinopharm vaccines are also being procured by the government.