The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands, on December 14, introduced a podcast channel named Sangu Stories. 

The word Sangu is derived from the Dhivehi word for Conch, and the channel will be the voice of the island., inspired by the beautiful tradition of blowing Conches in the Maldives for public announcements. In Maldives, these beautiful shells to announce the news to islanders in ancient times. 

Sangu stories is designed to share the latest stories from the island to guests and followers worldwide. The podcast will be hosted by Mark Hehir, the general manager of The Ritz-Carlton Maldives and a seasoned Maldives expert with over 30 years of experience. Mark will connect weekly with the aspirational team of Ladies and Gentlemen, who are the creators, developers, and custodians of the resort—further collaborating with Maldivian talents, brand partners, destination experts, world-class collaborators, mentors, and passionate guests.

A 10-minute conversation is featured in every episode of the podcast, exploring a breadth of exciting and insightful topics such as the architecture and design, locally-inspired experiences, and sustainable efforts under the Community Footprints.

The first episode introduces the audience to where it all began, the inspiration of the Fari Islands, an archipelago of three integrated-luxury brands Patina, Capella, and The Ritz-Carlton in the Maldives. The guest speaker, Mr. Evan Kwee, the Vice Chairman of Capella Hotel Group & Head of Design and Hospitality at Pontiac Land Group, talks about the inspiration of the Fari Islands, the architect selection, and the vision and concept.

The Sangu Stories are available on Buzzsprout, and listeners can access it from the following web link, sangustoriesmaldives.

The option to play on Spotify and Apple Podcast is also available in this platform, providing a seamless and convenient service.