At the South Asian Travel Awards, Reveries Diving Village from Maldives has once again taken home the award for the Leading Guesthouse. 

This is the fourth consecutive time the guesthouse in Laamu Gan has won the award. The guesthouse is famed for hosting famous figures and hosted the crew of the 2015 movie Star Wars ‘Rogue One’. A scene of the movie was shot in the breathtaking island Laamu Baresdhoo next door. 

Reveries Diving Village.

The SATA awards are some of the most distinguished awards handed out in the tourism industry.

Reveries is not new to accolades and is one of the top guesthouses in Maldives which was recently crowned as the world's leading travel destination.

Some awards previously won by the guesthouse include Leading Innovation in Guesthouse Design, Leading Guesthouse of Maldives Award as well as the Leading Adventure Guesthouse in Maldives.