The number of operational tourist facilities in the Maldives has increased to 249, according to the Tourism Ministry which also announced that the number of tourist arrivals to the Maldives since the Maldives reopened has risen to 59,1056, showing promising signs of resurgence after COVID-19 decimated the industry. 

Weekly statistics published by the Ministry show that there are a total of 33,776 operational beds in the Maldives. This is divided between 125 resorts, 189 guesthouses, and hotels as well as 122 safaris. The Ministry is expecting five more resorts to come into operational status before the end of the year, adding a further 914 beds.

As for tourist arrivals, Russia remains on top with 12,961 tourists. India comes second with 5,449 while 4,745 travelers from the UK have also been recorded. India has remained a top market for the Maldives thanks to the ease of travel and travel bubble established between the two nations. The Maldives also recently announced a secure travel bubble with Qatar. 

In November so far, the Maldives has recorded 18,723 tourists. Tourist stays on average have also increased to 10.3 nights from 7.6 recorded prior to the lockdown. Apart from Russia, India, and the UK, the USA and the UAE make the cut as the top source markets.

The popularity of Maldives among Russian tourists has been very much increased following the lockdown. More and more Russian airlines are also commencing operations to the Maldives. They include Aeroflot, Azur Air, and Rossiya. Currently, 16 international airlines operate to the Maldives with the number set to increase to 26 by the turn of the year.


The Maldives went into lockdown in late March due to the outbreak of the virus. Borders were only reopened in mid-July. Resorts and safaris were permitted to operate since then with stringent safety measures, however, guesthouses were permitted to operate only in mid-October in order to facilitate the safety measures and precautions. While there are no restrictions on any tourist from coming to the Maldives, arrivals are still required to present a 96-hour negative PCR test for the virus. Split stays are also permitted but only after exit screening mechanisms.

The Maldives has now welcomed a grand total of 441,952 tourists in 2020. This is inclusive of arrivals prior to the lockdown.