Ever thought that you could experience Maldives from the comfort of your own home? 

In quarantine or under travel restrictions, it doesn't matter when it comes to Kandima Maldives who are now offering the virtual reality experience of Maldives to guests with the Digitally Immersive Virtual Experiences or  D.I.V.E.

D.I.V.E is the first of its kind fully immersive virtual platform for interactive digital tours through the resort. 

The platform is perfect for those guests checking out their next getaway. 

On its website, Kandima calls its guests to "consider this a little taste of what you are in for at the koolest island (desti)nation in the Indian Ocean."

Kandima Maldives: D.I.V.E, the first of its kind fully immersive virtual platform for interactive digital tours through the resort.

The platform means that the resort is no longer in need of the traditional boring pamphlets and leaflets but now has a much more impressive interactive offer on the table.

Kandima has always exhibited a sense of uniqueness and distinctively from other resorts in the nation with its "kool" way of life and operations. However, the resort is now upping the ante with the platform for 360° immersive worlds through VR headsets which take storytelling and customer engagement to a whole new level.

The resort is proud to claim that D.I.V.E is fully compatible on any mobile or tablet device. It stated that D.I.V.E can be seen in "standard 360º" and in Virtual Reality as well and is coupled with an immersive multidimensional sound experience.

Kandima Maldives.

D.I.V.E also allows immersive learning and training for the trading partners of the resort in educating staff through an in-depth and interactive experience.

With D.I.V.E, anyone can now sign up for a remote live stream digital tour of the property, with a 360° view, along with the ability to talk, hear and see everyone on tour while navigating through the island.

Talk about taking site inspections to the next level!

Kandima Maldives.

What's next? 

Kandima Maldives is already prepping to roll out the D.I.V.E App for Apple & Android to allow users to download the experiences to their phones for offline viewing as well. D.I.V.E will also be available in many different languages soon, according to Kandima which added that live panoramas were also on their way.

For the virtual tour experience, please click kandima.com.

However, as impressive as all this is, it should be taken as nothing more than a teaser, because the real experience at Kandima is still way better in person.